Corporate Milestones



· Got  listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
· Launched quantum video conferencing
· Escort the China - ASEAN Expo for 6 consecutive years
· Provide public security, armed police and security personnel communications service for G20
· Provide high-definition surveillance for Zhuhai Air Show Center


· Launched a large security platform
· Launched a new generation of cloud video conferencing
· Provide security and communications technology support for World Championships
· Provide high-definition monitoring and emergency protection for 16 + 1 Meeting
· All-round security participation in the World Internet Conference


· Launched 4K NVR
· Launches Intelligent Cameras
· Provide security protection with video conference for Green Olympic Games


· Launched SAFE series of commercial high-definition surveillance products
· Provide Telemedicine System for Ya'an Earthquake
· Provide high-definition surveillance security for Asian Youth Games


· Launched the first Cloud Video Conference system
·Launched full HD Telepresence system


·Launched Cloud Video Communication and accordingly provided public /private cloud video conference solutions


·Launched full touch control type of HD desktop video conference terminal
·Deployed the first video integrated management platform in China
·The network video surveillance was ranked in top three places in respect of total market share


·Launched 720p/1080p HD video surveillance system
·Deployed the largest Video Dispatch System in China
·Ranked the first place of the market share among Chinese brands for the video conference


·Launched 720p/1080p HD videoconferencing system
·Launched the first NVR in security industry
·Chosen Video Dispatch System for the surveillance security of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


·Launched carrier grade surveillance platform which occupied one third of market share in China
·Deployed the world biggest video conference project based on private network
·Safe Wujiang Project was awarded as Top Ten Classic Projects of China Safe City security


·Launched network video vurveillance system and became the first promoter of IP based monitoring storage


·Launched videoconferencing system and entered video communication industry


·Founded Keda Shanghai Research Center which was the first video research institute in China


·Launched the Integrated Multiplexers to provide TDM multi-service communication solution


·KEDACOM was established